Our research lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, visual computing, and human-computer interaction with a mission to develop intelligent visual interfaces for human-guided content creation.

The latest updates from the team


Papers published at AAAI 2018 and IAAI 2018

Our paper, The Role of Data-Driven Priors in Multi-Agent Crowd Trajectory Estimation was published at AAAI 2018. Our paper, Computer-Assisted Authoring for Natural Language Story Scripts was published at IAAI 2018. This …

Two papers at MIG 2018

Our group has 2 papers accepted at the 2018 ACM SIGGRAPH Motion in Games Conference. Interactive Spatial Analytics for Human-Aware Building Design Muhammad Usman, Davide Schaumann, Brandon Haworth, Glen Berseth, …

Paper published at IVA 2018

Our paper, PICA: Proactive Intelligent Conversational Agent for Interactive Narratives has been accepted for publication at the 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agents Conference.