Lab Director

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

PhD Candidate

Crowd Flow Prediction, Computational models of visual impairment for wayfinding

PhD Candidate

Multimodal manifold alignment and joint representation learning for predicting information flow in online social networks

PhD Candidate


Knowledge-powered Infereence of Crowd Narratives in Semantic Environments

Kaidong Hu

PhD Candidate 

Machine Learning for Human-Building Interaction

PhD Candidate

Graph Representation Learning, Crowd Dynamics, Computer Vision

Jerry Chang

PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate

Human Crowd Behavior Modeling


PhD Candidate 

Computational Simulation, Social Behavior, Machine Learning 

MS, Computer Science

Associate AI Programmer, Rockstar Games NewEngland

MS, Computer Science

Full-stack Software Developer at WGACA, NY.

External Collaborators

Professor, York University

Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Virtual Humans, Serious Games

Prof. Christoph Hoelscher

Professor of Cognitive Science, ETH Zurich

Wayfinding in Built Environments, Spatial Cognition & Usability Research for Architectural Design

PhD Candidate, ETH Zurich and Disney Research Zurich

 Crowd simulation, Cognitive Science, Machine learning, Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction

PhD Candidate, ETH Zurich & Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore

Cognitive Models of Human Wayfinding

Postdoctoral researcher at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich 

Spatial cognition and navigation, Virtual reality, Architectural applications, Geographic information displays